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December 2001

Well the shed arrived flat packed and Chris (who once cut a hole through a chair that was leaning against a door he was drilling) has spent 2 weeks looking at it and scratching his head. Obviously time for some help but we havent budgeted for it this near Christmas so some of Davids mates are going to do it a bit at a time, I suppose it will take ages but hopefully it will be sorted out in time for Christmas as I will have a house full. Chris's mum and dad are here for 4 days, Andy and Michelle for 3 and the rest of the family are staying for Christmas dinner.

The weather is bitter and once again snow covers the beach but what a magnificent sight it is.


January 2002

Well Christmas was hectic but a good laugh, I had 12 people for Christmas dinner and managed it by part cooking most of the meal in advance. I cooked 2 roasting pans full of potatoes in the morning ready for just crisping up prior to serving and by dinner time 1 was empty!! Andy and Michelle broke the news that they are expecting a baby in early June and they are over the moon, its going to be a girl.

Well with Christmas over Chris and I have found jobs cleaning caravans until Easter, hard work but there is not much else going on here.

Just been told that someone else has rented the beach shop for next season and I'm really fed up. Back to the boot sales I suppose.

February, March & April 2002

Bloomin cats, got them both collars with large bells so they wouln't bring us presents and there are baby lizards crawling about everywhere!! I have come to the conclusion that lizards are deaf!

Suzanne, Sammy and Christopher stayed here for a while as they had trouble finding a suitable home to rent but they have now moved to a house in Great Yarmouth and it seems very quiet - still I dont miss the nightly discos on my bed with Chris as DJ playing the likes of Agadoo - I'm sure he enjoyed it more than the kids!

Worrying news sooty and lily are both meant to be girls and we were very careful to keep them in when they came into season.but sooty is gaining weight at an alarming rate!

Well good news (I think) Chris and I have both been given jobs at the holiday camp for the summer, going to miss the boot sales though. First week the holiday camp was open the fire alarm went off, an automated voice repeatedly intoned "for your own safety please leave the building by the nearest exit, staff will assist you" well the only staff about were me and the guy in the bears outfit!!!!!!!!

Lily is a tom!!!!!!!!!! We had her checked out by the vet when we first got him, but there is no doubt.......shes a boy!

Even better news! Was driving home the other day and the owner of the beach shop stopped me, it seems the new tenant had not worked out and he offered it to me. I shant be sorry to say goodbye to the midnight finishes but I shall miss the crowd at the holiday camp.

Very sad today, sooty had six kittens but despite us rushing them to the vet all but one died, the remaining kitten is being hand reared by the vets receptionist, poor sooty couldnt feed them. She looked for them for a while but is fine now. Mark was very upset.

Stocking the shop is going to be a problem, its been a long low paid winter!! Still I have some stuff left from last year and I've spent quite a bit at the wholsalers it still looks pathetically bare though. I suppose I'll just have to persevere visiting the wholesaler daily to build up stock for the peak weeks.

Sooty shot through the cat flap with a baby rabbit in her mouth! She had not hurt it and I released it again. Always the romantic I was convinced she was trying to replace her lost kittens but Chris said "she's a cat, it moved, she pounced"!!!!!!!!

Well typically April was glorious and the moment I moved into the shop the weather turned!!!!!!!!! Still theres a lot of hot sunny days ahead!!!!!!