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UPDATE - MAY 2002 to JULY 2004

Summer Season 2002

Well things at the shop started fairly slowly, mainly due to inclement weather, but we are ticking over, I am working part time and Chris full time still at the holiday park. Good job, as everything I take in the shop goes to buy more stock.

At 11.30am on 24th Mary, the day before my birthday, I had a call at work to tell me that Michelle was in labour, I promised to be hot foot to the railway station as soon as I could get away, the next call came 2 hours later - no rush, baby already here. Like mother like daughter, always in a hurry! Well for 9 months the baby has been known as Cloe, Andy and Michelle taked to her in the womb and called her Cloe, the birth arrival cards were addressed to Cloe - so what did they call her? REBECCA!

In the shop we sell a range of inflatable hammers, eyeball hammers, football hammers, smiley hammers.....willy hammers! After watching several children depart in tears because their parents wouldn't buy them a willy hammer I stuck them on the top shelf. Imagine how amazed I was when a chap with a toddler in a push chair returned a ball gun explaining that his son was too small to pull the trigger, no problem I said and offered him his money back - no no he replied errr can I have one of those willy hammers instead? Seeing my mouth drop open he laughed and said well its no problem, hes got one hasn't he!

I've lost count of the number of drivers who think that its a sane and sensible idea to drive onto the beach, why dont they understand that its inevitable that their car will sink in the soft dry sand? I'm an expert now!!! Tow rope on the back, innocent bystanders lift the front, engage reverse gear, REV! One man even made me drive his nice new expensive car out once, I was terrified of shooting into the front of the car pulling from behind - I think I'll mind my own business in future and keep my tow rope to myself!

Chris, who I must say was very iffy about me leaving a well paid full time job to re-open the shop, suddenly announced that I couldn't possibly manage the shop without him and promptly left work to join me! Still it is getting busy and I have large blisters from pumping boats and rings up so maybe its just as well.

On sunny days we just cant keep up, especially with inflating the things people buy so we have invested in a small compressor (much to the disgust of Jack and James from the seafood bar who gained a great deal of amusement from cheering Chris on when he was blowing up the likes of 5 man dinghys), I couldn't understand why there was so much laughter outside but on investigation I discovered Chris had put up a sign saying GET YOUR BLOW JOBS HERE! Didn't take me long to get rid of that - then I found it had been replaced with a sign saying IF THIS SPOT IS EMPTY I'VE BEEN PAROLED!

David often helps us in the shop and also Mark who does very well, next summer holidays we are going to give him a job manning the compressor. Michelle just raids the stock whever she visits! Suzanne is now living in Yarmouth totally devoted to a new boy friend so we see her less often than we'd like but they are thinking of moving back to Hemsby for a while. Daniel comes with us to the shop occasionally but is still of the age where we want to kill him after 5 minutes!

Well the summer has come to an end and we are still solvent! Havent made enough to do nothing for the next 5 months so its back to the holiday camps for the winter........maybe next year!

During the last 18 months or so we have spent a few weekends with groups of people we talk to in an internet chat room and by and large most of them are normal!!! We have made some really good friends and its given us a great social life, in September 20 or so of us stayed at my friends caravan site in Caister and boy did we party! We followed it up by having a week on a chalet site in Hemsby over New Year - we needED a holiday after that! Easter 2003 saw some of our friends visiting us for a few days and we had a great time......good job I've got so many kids really otherwise I'd have to pay someone to man the shop or curtail my social activities!

Well here we go again, the shop is open for the coming season, and looking around we have 100 times more stock than we did at this time last year, cant be bad.

Summer Season 2003 to July 2004

Sadly my mum died early this year and so I hadnt intended to carry on with the site which started so that she and my dad could see where I was living and what I was up to, however so many people have asked whats happening now I have decided to bring it up to date.


I spent the winter months cooking in The Bell, a local pub in the village which had just changed hands and I had intended to continue there through the summer season while Chris manned the shop, however my mums illness and subsequent death made it impossible, I was very sad to leave as Lena and George the landlord and landlady were brilliant employers.  Christmas Day saw us providing dinner for 60 customers and apart from a few muttered oaths and several silent nervous breakdowns it went very well!!!!  I also did a stint at my friends caravan park in Caister doing winter cleans on caravans and both Chris and I worked for a while at the Seashore Holiday Camp just up the road.  New year saw us holidaying on the Belle Aire site in Hemsby with a group of our internet friends...........maybe a full week is to long to party continuosly at my age!


The start of the season was overshadowed by the news that Jack was finally going ahead with plans for a crazy golf attraction behind the  shop and that therefore this would be out last season here, but what a brilliant one it has been.  The weather was with us every step of the way and the compressor was going full blast most of the time....still we need lots of days like this to make up for the days when we sit for 8 hours and take 50p!  I must get a bigger car, it has become a great source of amusement at one of the wholesalers, if I need stuff in a hurry and cant wait for a delivery I go along pay for lots of things and then go out to my car to find one of the employees standing scratching his head in front of a large loaded pallet, the rest of the staff look out the window and if he suceeds in fitting it all in the give him a round of applause!!!!  Towards the end of the season there was a great shortage of dinghys, bodyboards and large inflatable rings after ringing virtually eary wholesaler and importer in the country I was ready to give up.......then I remembered another of my internet friends who works in a similar shop just up the coast had told me he was closing early for the season.........thank you Jim and Steve, what lifesavers!


I,ve made a lot of improvements to the house, a proper bathroom, double glazing and plastic cladding,  I also had some new units and appliances put it the kitchen..how did I ever manage without that dishwasher!!  Yet another internet friend came and put calor gas central heating in for me and it has been wonderful this winter to feel the warmth hit you when you open the front door.


Towards the end of the season I heard that a shop further up the road was changing hands and lost no time in rushing up to see about it, I was lucky enough to obtain the lease for next season and moved there in October.  It is a big gamble for me as the rent is much higher and I have decided not to share, also it is some way off the beach so the demand for dighys and the like will be much less, however it is in the midst of the holiday camps and hopefully on cool or wet days I will still have some customers.....unlike the shack where it was unusal to see a holidaymaker in bad weather!  Still I shall miss Pete and Diane at the Beach Cafe and Jack and the boys....we had some good laughs when it was quiet.


Suzanne and her boyfriend David and Sammy and Chris now live on the Belle Aire site and so moved in with us for the duration of the 6 weeks it was closed, luckily enough this coincided with David finding a flat of his own in Yarmouth and what I though was going to be a nightmare few weeks was actually quite pleasant.......I fail to understand why tho, when my bedroom door is shut and so is my daughters, my grandchildren knock on MY door and ask for a cup of tea in the mornings!  Chris and I decided sometime ago that our friendship was not going to lead to a relationship and he has been temporarily staying in my caravan, he still works in the shop although he is trying to find alternative work and proper accommodation. Mark, Daniel and I are back on our own now that Suzanne and her family have returned home and it seems very quiet...still Michelle and Andy will be here with Rebecca in a couple of weeks and Chris also has a lady friend coming to visit that week so I suppose I should make the most of it!


I had a couple of "blonde" moments during the year, both involving the car.......on the first occasion, in a hurry doing the school run with Chris contantly on the phone begging me to hurry because the shop was busy, I jumped out of the car in the school playground leaving the window open and a burning cigarette in the ashtray - result 500 school children cheering wilst the fire brigade checked my smoke filled car!!!!  Then when the fireman asked me what cc the car was and my wits finally deserted me....he was not too impressed!  A couple of months later, again on the school run, with 6" of snow on the ground and a blizzard blowing I rushed into the garage and filled my deisel engine with petrol!!!  I am reliable informed by the mechannic that more men do this than women!!!!!


As I type this the sun is rising over the sea, what a beautiful sight and how lucky I am to be he


The shop seems to be ticking over nicely out of season so hopefully thats a good sign.  I shut shortly after new year (which was another bout of partying on belle aire) and reopened in February for half term.  Things were sticking along nicely but suddenly mid June we hit a dead patch, still only four weeks til the summer holidays!


Sadly Chris  had to return to York as his mother is poorly, mind you as he had been unable to find work or suitable accommodation around here perhaps its for the best.  However I must admit to missing the moral support having a good friend just outside the front door brings!  Suzanne David and I are manning the shop between us....we think we are doing fine, but a rep came in last week and said "what do you want?" and I ummed and erred and he said  "Well Chris always had a list ready"!  Still we'll get there, I've just got lazy leaving Chris to it.


I've had a whole host of weekends away due to a range of birthday parties and get togethers with my mates and its a great way to socialise, however I must get to know more locals........when I have a bad day its infuriating to have to wait for my friends to turn on their pc's before I can shout about it!


Well I'm sitting here updating this page at the end of the first weekend of the summer holidays and it hasn't stopped pouring, its more like November..........still things can only get better!


This web site is more or less out of space, so I think this must be it....thanks to all you who have kept visiting the site and asking for updates..........and if any of you are this way dont forget to say hi!  And still keep the messages coming in the guest book because I love finding new ones.